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Since its establishment in 1979, the Abbaye des Rocs brewery has shown a strong interest in social and environmental issues. Here are a few of the projects in place at the company in order to prioritise production methods that consider the needs of future generations.

Continuous improvement of its production line has always been a priority, so as to continually reduce the company’s consumption of water and electricity. The installation of the three new tanks in 2017 is in line with this philosophy, as, unlike the old fermentation tanks, they do not require the use of water for cooling and conditioning the beer. Furthermore, the ventilation systems for the three new tanks help provide heating to the production buildings by recovering the hot steam from the cooling unit. This arrangement encourages a “closed” system and reduces our energy consumption for heating. 

Environmental issues ⎢Abbaye des Rocs
Spent Grain ⎢Abbaye des Rocs
The watemill site ⎢Abbaye des Rocs

The spent grain (the residue following filtration, which consists entirely of malt and water) is reused as a fertiliser on nearby fields to enrich the local agricultural land and reduce the amount of waste generated through the production of beer.

The Watermill site was designed and set up in keeping with this environmentally friendly policy, as it is a “zero waste” site! In a similar vein, the “Sur la Piste de l’éléphant Jaune” Boutique offers a selection of decorative goods with a focus on recycling and reuse of everyday objects. Likewise, the “Apéros bucoliques” take place on furniture recovered by the shop and renovated by Ariane.

Belgian Hops ⎢Abbaye des Rocs

Recently, the company decided to supply itself EXCLUSIVELY with hops from southern Belgium in keeping with our corporate responsibility values and to benefit from their artisanal quality.

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